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The high precision Lorion D5500 Blow Dryer utilizes Far Infrared technology to lift and protect hair for a sleek professional look that shines. Ideal for at home use or for the occasional traveler, its lightweight design makes it perfect for the woman on the go.

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 11.5 x 11.25 x 4.25 in


• Suitable For All Hair Types
• High-Torque AC/DC 1600 Watt Motor
• Up To 50% Faster Drying Time
• Far Infrared Technology
• Advanced Ionic Technology
• BONUS! Wide Nozzle Attachment
• BONUS! Concentrator Nozzle Attachment
• 3 Heat Settings / 2 Speed Settings
• Ultra-Lightweight, Sleek Design
• U.S. Voltage Compliance 125V
• Lifetime Warranty


• To power on, toggle lower switch to postion 1 for low power, or 2 for maximum power

• Upper toggle switch controls heat; for cool air toggle to position 1, for warm air toggle to position 2, and for hot air toggle to position 3

• Before using any attachment, ensure it is securely affixed to nozzle prior to powering on

• If overheating occurs, press the red button to reset auto shut-off mechanism

• Unplug when not in use

• For optimal styling results, use a full round brush or Lorion™ Paddle Brush


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