Skin Care

Lorion Beauty™ Cell Renewal Eye Cream

“Okay, so I was reeeally hesitant to try this and the eye serum. They’re not exactly cheap, and I don’t like to put just *anything* on my skin. But I’m SO glad I did! I feel waaay more confident about my face, even without makeup, now that the skin all around my eyes is so much smoother and brighter. And I do like to wear eye makeup a lot, so now it looks even better on me. You don’t even need to use that much, so it’s going to last a long time. Thank you SO much Lorion for making these amazing skincare products!!” – Chelsea

“You don’t know what you’re missing if you don’t use this cream. A must have skin care product in your make-up bag!” – Misha

“I’ve officially said goodbye to bags under my eyes thanks to your amazing product!” –Taylor

Lorion Beauty™ Cell Renewal Eye Serum

“I literally can’t believe how the wrinkles have disappeared over three months of using it every day in the morning and at night. The skin around my eyes is transformed completely. Didn’t think this was possible.” – Jennifer

“I love this eye serum…couldn’t be happier with the results.” – Caitlin

“Together with the eye cream this does exactly what I want and need. I’m in my late 30s and just wish I knew about it in my 20s! Highly recommend this product!” – Vanessa

Lorion Beauty™ Cell Renewal Tightening Eye Lift

“Who needs botox when you have this?” – Paige

“I love to show off my eyes without burying them under tons of make-up, this gives me the perfect lift right before I go out!” – Nikki

“I don’t know if I’m better looking or more confident now than before using the Eye Lift, but  when I use it but I feel like more people notice me and want to talk to me. I’m definitely coming back for more so please don’t run out :)” – Laura

Blow Dryers

D7000 Purple

“This is without a doubt THE best hair dryer I’ve ever used! Not only does it dry my hair way faster than other dryers and have all the attachment nozzles I need to do a blowout, but it’s super lightweight so my arm doesn’t get tired, and it’s even soft to hold. I would HIGHLY recommend  this hair dryer to ANYONE who wants healthy, beautiful hair.” – Daniella

D6500 Peacock

“I love that now I have a hair dryer that matches my iron! You guys make the prettiest hair tools :))) and it works so good! It leaves my hair really soft and smooth.” – Krista

D6500 Black

“I heard it’s really important to have a professional quality hair dryer like this so your hair doesn’t get as damaged. I figured it was just the companies saying that so you spend more, but I decided to try and see for myself. To my surprise and delight this dryer actually makes my hair look less damaged than it was before. I am hooked – I will never go back to any other brand.” – Julie

Curling Irons

Lorion 1.25″ Digital Clipless Curling Iron POLKA DOT

“If you want those big romantic voluminous curls that last this is basically the best curling iron ever. And I love the digital temperature display so I know if it’s heated up yet or not and what temperature it really is.”  – Emma

“It heats up and cools down super fast and only takes me 10-15 mins to style my hair so good that it looks like it took an hour plus. I’m in love.” – Christine

Lorion 1″ Clipless Curling Iron BLACK

“What’s the difference between this and my old curling iron? This one makes tighter curls, that last all day, and makes my hair shiny and smooth when I style it. And wearing the heat glove while I wrap my hair around it the way I want it is way easier than messing with a clip and the little bend it makes in your hair. I threw my old curling iron away.” – Tracy

Flat Irons

1” Professional – Peacock

“The cool tip helps create good curls and get the style just right.” – Brittany

“What a big difference from my last flat iron! Thanks for saving my hair.” – Dana

“My hair is super prone to frizz especially where I live, but using this flat iron makes it sleek and frizz-free all day. I was at an outdoor cafe with the girls when it was super muggy and they asked how my hair was still so perfect. That’s just one of many nice comments I’ve gotten about my hair since I started using this flat iron.” – Ashley

Lorion 1″ Digital Professional Flat Iron PEACOCK

“No burnt hair smell, no smoke, quick to heat up and cool down, easy to use, great lasting results. Very very happy.” – Amanda

“I swear this flat iron leaves my hair so soft and perfect that I can’t stop running my fingers through it.” – Jessica

“I’ve had trouble finding something that works so well on my naturally curly/kinky hair, but this is it! Just one pass and my hair’s smooth and relaxed.” – Talia


Lorion Duet Set: 1″ Digital Professional Flat Iron + 3/4″ Digital Clipless Curling Iron POLKA DOT

“I was thinking of starting with a flat iron and then getting a curling iron later if I loved the flat iron, but I would have spent a lot more money buying them separately, and I only heard and read good things about Lorion. I’m glad I caved and bought the set because I absolutely love it. No regrets here! Everything from the screen that shows the temperature to the really smooth diamond plates make these hair tools my new favorites. Oh and not to mention how beautiful they leave my hair! By the way, if you’re wondering if the polka dot print is cute or tacky, it’s super freaking cute!! <3” – Mel

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