Treat Dry Skin With These Winter Beauty Tips

Treat Dry Skin With These Winter Beauty Tips

Winter season is almost arriving as we’re excited to pull out all of our winter gear from our hidden compartments in the our closet, (we all have one!). Just as you would prepare your wardrobe for the everyday, have you ever stopped and done the same for your skin. The air is much more frigid as temperature drops, and heaters come on, but your skin’s protective barrier cracks, making it less able to repair itself. Unfortunately it can get worse over time if not treated properly with time during the harsh Winter. Here are some great skincare beauty tips that can prevent headaches later.

Hydrate and Soothe

Experiencing dry skin can trigger a flare-up of keratosis pilaris, an extreme version of rough skin caused by a buildup of keratin; the protein that protects skin from infections and other harmful things. When it comes matters of the face it’s far more imperative to hydrate, especially during the Winter time. Lorion has a great Hydrating Skin Care line to target different areas from of your face to the neckline.

Exfoliate lightly

Brightening up your skin by lightly exfoliating, along with moisturizer can penetrate deep within your skin. With use of make-up overtime, you can eliminate dead cells that can pile up on your skin, and during the Winter season can be the perfect time to do a good cleanse. How do you choose the right exfoliator? Dermatologists recommend choosing a very gentle exfoliators that contain rounded polyethylene microbeads, usually found in body washes for chest or back.

Avoid Taking Long Showers

There’s nothing we enjoy better than taking those nice, long, hot showers to warm our bodies up from the cold. But, it will certainly strips your body’s natural oils. Just as your face drives over time, so does your entire body especially if you experience dry skin. Reduce the hot showers, to a mid-warm temperature not exceeding more than 10 minutes and not more than once a day.

The air is frigid and dry outside, make sure to take into consideration some of these great beauty tips. If you do it with consistency, in no time will your skin feel even more rejuvenated and fresh. Make sure to check out our great Brilliance life changing skincare products!

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