Skin Care: Start Caring Now

Skin Care: Start Caring Now

So let’s chat. You’re in your early or late twenties, or maybe even your thirties. You’ve heard talk of “serum this” and “moisturizer that,” but you look in the mirror and all you see is soft, supple perfection. Part of feeling young, wild, and free is feeling invincible – which is great until it goes away and reality sets in. When you’ve got it, it’s hard to imagine losing it. And once it goes away, it’s not easy to get it back.

When should you start caring about skin care? The sooner the better! Start young to stay young.

It’s kind of like exercise. Imagine a fifty-year-old who’s never worked out. If she starts going to the gym now, she’ll have to put in a lot more effort and time to see results than if she had kept her body in shape to begin with.

The same is true of skincare. Getting into a healthy skincare routine now will help your skin stay fresh longer. Go too long without it, and damage and signs of aging will start to show – and will take a lot more work to reverse.

Get into the habit of cleansing, treating, and protecting, both at morning and at night (so you don’t sleep in the grime your skin’s been exposed to throughout the day). Use Lorion’s amazing new skin care line for top quality ingredients that penetrate deep in your skin for top-notch results. Combine your cleansers, serums, creams, and face masks with a proper diet, exercise, and a good night’s sleep to maximize radiance.

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