Ceramic Tourmaline Technology Neon Yellow Quad Barrel Clipless Curling Iron – Plus Free Heat Resistant Glove


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The Lorion 4-Barrel Clipless Curling Iron creates a variety of curls and waves in different shapes and sizes. Refined chrome interchangeable barrels ensure smooth, shiny curls that last all day long. Includes a heat-resistant glove to keep hands protected.

Additional information

Weight 2.1 lbs
Dimensions 12 x 12 x 8 in


  • Suitable For All Hair Types
    • Salon Grade Model
    • 4 Interchangeable Barrels In Various Sizes:
    • ¾”
    • 2/3”-1”
    • 1”
    • 1¼”
    • Chrome Clip-Free Barrels
    • Cool Tip For Safety and Better Styling Control
    • Far Infrared Technology
    • Heats Up To 410° F / 210° C
    • Thermal Safety Glove Included
    • 360° Swivel Cord For Ease Of Use
    • Universal Dual Voltage
    • 100 Watts (USA) / 60 Watts (Canada)
    • Lifetime Warranty”


Select barrel size to achieve desired curl. To release barrel, press small round button on back of handle and pull barrel away from handle. To attach barrel, ensure barrel pins are aligned and slide barrel onto handle, you will hear a click confirming barrel is locked in.

It is advised to always wear included thermal glove when using this tool in order to avoid burns. Before styling, ensure that hair is clean, completely dried and detangled.

To turn on, plug into electrical outlet and move power switch to ON position; LED will illuminate.

Beginning at ear line, part hair into 2″ sections. Wrap hair around barrel and hold on to the tip of the hair for around 5-10 seconds. Do not redo the same section over and over again; if you don’t get perfect results the first time, move on to another section and return to previous section later. For curls closer to the root, after wrapping hair around barrel, roll the iron up. Use bigger sections of hair to get waves or bigger curls. For more body and volume, after curling, gently comb curls with a wide tooth comb to get more fullness and texture.

To turn off, move inner switch to OFF position. Never leave flat iron on and unattended. Always allow device to cool down before storing.


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