Duet Set 1″ Ceramic Iron & 0.5″ Ceramic Mini Travel Sized Iron – Turquoise


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This dynamic duo is perfect for hair with different layers and textures. Floating plates and curved wand design enables the Lorion 1” Ceramic Flat Iron to create straight or curled styles for longer hair, while the Mini 0.5” Ceramic Flat Iron is ideal for managing shorter layers, bangs and touch ups.

Additional information

Weight 1.8 lbs
Dimensions 17 x 11 x 13 in


1″ Ceramic Flat Iron
• 100% Ceramic Ultra-Smooth Plates
• Far Infrared Technology
• Advanced Ionic Technology
• Floating Plate Design
• Heats Up To 430º F / 221º C
• 360º Swivel Cord For Ease Of Use
• Universal Dual Voltage: 110-240 Volts

0.5″ Mini Ceramic Flat Iron
• Suitable For All Hair Types
• Ultra-Smooth Ceramic Floating Plates
• Far Infrared Technology
• Compact Travel-Size Design; Ideal For Fringe And Bangs
• Heats Up To 392° F / 200° C
• 360° Swivel Cord For Ease Of Use
• Universal Dual Voltage
• Lifetime Warranty”


1″ Ceramic Flat Iron:
Brush hair thoroughly ensuring no knots or tangles. Beginning at ear line, part hair into 2″ sections. Starting as close to roots as safely possible, place hair between plates and slowly pull styler away from roots, allowing hair to glide through plates. Repeat above steps for each 2″ section of hair. Using less hair is better and gliding styler slowly is recommended.
For best results use with Lorion Beauty EZ Comb and finish with Lorion Oasis Argan Oil Hair Serum.

0.5″ Ceramic Mini Flat Iron
Recommended for touch-ups, short hair, bangs and fringe. Before styling, ensure that hair is clean, completely dried and detangled.

To turn on, plug into electrical outlet and move inner switch to ON position; LED will illuminate. Place 1/2” section of hair between plates and clamp iron together so that plates touch. Glide styler slowly down entire length hair in a fluid, steady sweep from roots to ends. Repeat as necessary. Continue with each 1/2” section of hair until all sections are completed. For optimal results, finish with Lorion Beauty™ Oasis Argan Oil Serum.

To turn off, move inner switch to OFF position. Never leave flat iron on and unattended. Always allow device to cool down before storing.


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