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The high precision Lorion D5500 Blow Dryer utilizes Far Infrared technology to lift and protect hair for a sleek professional look that shines. Ideal for at home use or for the occasional traveler, its lightweight design makes it perfect for the woman on the go.

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 11.5 x 11.25 x 4.25 in


• Suitable For All Hair Types
• High-Torque AC/DC 1600 Watt Motor
• Up To 50% Faster Drying Time
• Far Infrared Technology
• Advanced Ionic Technology
• BONUS! Wide Nozzle Attachment
• BONUS! Concentrator Nozzle Attachment
• 3 Heat Settings / 2 Speed Settings
• Ultra-Lightweight, Sleek Design
• U.S. Voltage Compliance 125V
• Lifetime Warranty


• To power on, toggle lower switch to postion 1 for low power, or 2 for maximum power

• Upper toggle switch controls heat; for cool air toggle to position 1, for warm air toggle to position 2, and for hot air toggle to position 3

• Before using any attachment, ensure it is securely affixed to nozzle prior to powering on

• If overheating occurs, press the red button to reset auto shut-off mechanism

• Unplug when not in use

• For optimal styling results, use a full round brush or Lorion™ Paddle Brush

2. The upper toggle switch controls the heat, for cool air use 1, for warm air use 2, and for hot air use 3.
3. Unplug dryer when not in use.
4. Your Lorion X5500 Hair Dryer series comes with a concentrator for better results and faster styling. To use the attachment, please attach it to the dryer safely and confirm that it is securely placed on the dryer for maximum performance.
5. The concentrator attachment is used to give direct airflow to the areas you want to dry and style. It is best used to get smooth, straight hair.
6. Your Lorion X5500 Hair Dryer series comes with a special plug that helps eliminate over usage and over heating of the dryer and the cord. In case you can not turn the dryer on press the red button to reset the defense mechanism of dryer.
7. For faster styling and optimum results use a round brush or a paddle brush, depending on what look you are going for, when using your Lorion X5500 Hair Dryer series.


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