Labor Day Hairstyles: Celebrate Summer

Labor Day Hairstyles: Celebrate Summer

Can you believe it’s already Labor Day Weekend? This year is flying by, and there’s no stopping Summer’s hasty transition into Fall. But what you can do is make the most of Summer while it’s still here. Labor Day is the perfect opportunity to sport an effortlessly chic Summer-inspired hairdo, with very little labor required.

Hair Accessories

**Labor level: Minimal to None**

This Summer, hair accessories were a popular way to turn an ordinary, just-rolled-outta-bed hairstyle into something special. Try one of these on Labor Day:

  • Music festival inspired flower crown. Add romantic curls with a 1.25” curling iron if you feel like it – or don’t!
  • Scrunchy with a messy bun.
  • Small silk scarf tied around your head with a simple knot.
  • Bobby pins pinned plainly in sight and arranged in geometric shapes. Try a series a parallel pins with one intersecting diagonally to hold a section of hair back from your face. Or make a triangle to fasten a half-up do. Hairspray the bobby pins first to keep them from slipping.

Braids, Knots, and Twists

**Labor level: Minimal to Moderate**

After battling humidity and inevitable damage from water and sun, braids, knots, and twists were popular ways this to work with hair’s natural texture this Summer instead of applying even more heat. Sport one of these fun variations on Labor Day:

  • French braid hybrid: French braid for two rotations, switch to regular braiding for two rotations, and so forth, alternating.
  • Celtic knot: Learn how to make a celtic knot by practicing with rope or shoelaces. Once you’ve mastered it, try it with your hair, pulling back and using a two-inch section of hair from each side of your face.
  • Half twist: Take a two-inch section of hair from one side of your face, twist it, pull it around the back of your head to the other side, and bobby pin it in place. Repeat with a two-inch section of hair from the other side, covering the end of the other and tucking it behind the base.

Show us your Labor Day hairstyle by posting a picture to Instagram and tagging @LorionBeauty. We can’t wait to see it!

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