Halloween Costumes without a Costume

Halloween Costumes without a Costume

Beauty products and makeup allow us to create our identity. This can mean showing the true identity we feel inside, or, in the case of Halloween, an identity that’s completely different than who we really are. Instead of sinking big bucks into cheap Halloween costumes that fall apart before you’ve made it to your second party, why not invest instead in high quality beauty products that you can also use every other day of the year?

Here are three costumes that can be created using hair tools, makeup, and the clothes already hanging in your closet.

1. Sugar Skull. Get in on the popular Day of the Dead trend by using every shade of lipstick and liner to draw intricate designs on your face in sugar skull style. We think that feminine, flowing curls using your 1.25” Clipless Curling Iron will be a great match for the little hearts and flowers you draw.

2. Vampire. Mix a little face cream and pale foundation together and top with an illuminating highlighter for a surreal glow. Use a deep red lipstick for your lips and a not-so-subtle trail of blood. Vampires are sleek, smooth predators, so your hair should be too. Whether you go curly or straight, finish with Silk Drops hair serum.

3. Zombie or Accident Victim. Leave one side of your face in tact and go at the other with splashes and gashes of lipstick and blended eye makeup to resemble blood splatters and bruising. The best part will be the story you come up with about how it happened. Keep the focus on your face by straightening your hair with a flat iron and pulling it back from your face into a low pony.

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