Face Mask Time

Face Mask Time

An Instagram search for the hashtag #FaceMask is proof enough that face masks are IN. And with good reason! To keep the delicate skin on your face looking youthful and radiant, extra nourishment is a must. Choosing a 24K Gold or Diamond Face Mask will not only give you some of the classiest face mask selfies on social media but also equip you with the finest ingredients skincare has to offer. All you have to do is know how to use them, and you can start enjoying their amazing benefits.


Cleanse your face right before using your face mask. Exfoliating helps get dead skin cells out of the way so the ingredients from your face mask can penetrate easily and work deep beneath the surface of your skin. Dry your face completely and you’re ready to begin!


Peel off the backing of your face mask package. Gently and carefully move the face mask from its container, placing the side facing you onto your face. Adjust the mask so the eye holes and nose flap fit properly, then get comfortable and relax. Leave it there for approximately 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, remove the face mask and discard it. (Reusing any face mask is never advised, as doing so can introduce bacteria as well as fail to produce results.) Face mask remnants can be massaged into your skin if desired, or rinsed off.


To help the ingredients stay in your skin and continue to do their job, and to keep dirt out, apply face cream shortly after your face mask treatment is complete. In just a couple weeks, Lorion will be revealing a new skincare line, including face cream that works perfectly with our face mask to help you get even better results. After moisturizing, you’re welcome to apply makeup if you’d like, though you don’t need it! 🙂

Be sure to take a selfie next time you’re wearing your Gold or Diamond Lorion Face Mask, and don’t forget to tag @LorionBeauty on Instagram.

6 Responses to Face Mask Time

  1. Guess I am still not sure which side goes toward the face. Please make it simple for me as the mask stayed attached to the silver backing. Does the side facing the silver go against the face or the side against the clear hard plastic go towards the face. Sort of expensive to not be using the correct side!

    • Hi Jan, thank you for your question. Once you open the foil the side that is facing you is the side that you will place on your face.

  2. You wrote the side of the mask that faces you.So to clarify the side of the mask that faces the foil is the side of mask you place on face?
    Thank you

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