Eyeliner: White Is the New Black

Eyeliner: White Is the New Black

White eyeliner is a tasteful trend we expect to be more than just a Summer fling, but you may as well enjoy its warm, glowing brightness now, through the heat of August. Just like black eyeliner, this white eye makeup has quite a few application tricks up its cap.

White waterline.

Applying white eyeliner to your waterline is a great way to open up your eyes for a brighter, more awake look. (The waterline is the inner edge of your lower lash line.) While black eyeliner in the waterline tends to have a slimming effect on your eyes, white eyeliner matches the whiteness of your eyes to make them look even bigger. The perfect hangover hider, adding white to your waterline can even minimize the visibility of redness.

Bright inner corners.

Another way to add some brightness and pop for a look that’s refreshed and awake is to add white eyeliner in a “V” shape on the inner corner of each eye. Keep it smaller and more blended for subtle freshness, or go big and bold to dramatically enlarge and elongate your eyes.

White cat eye.

Put aside all your other eye makeup and go bold, bright, and unique with a thick white cat eye. It’s fun to do something unexpected and outside your normal routine, and it won’t go unnoticed.

Eyeshadow primer.

Try using white eyeliner to cover your eyelids before applying eyeshadow for better, brighter color. The white base cancels out the color of your skin and creates an even foundation on which to layer eyeshadow. Bring on the vibrant, flawless color!

Ombre effect.

Who says hair should have all the fun? Use your white eyeliner and black liner together to mix things up in the waterline, on the upper lid, or wherever you please. Go halfway with white, finish the line with black, then use a sponge brush to blend the middle where they meet.

Shimmering top layer.

Adding white eyeliner on top of a darker line can create a shimmery look that’s not quite like any color you’d find in eyeliner form.

Accentuated black liner.

If you’re still clinging on to your tried and true black eyeliner looks, try edging a black line with white liner. It can really help that black cat eye me-wow all who see it.

Brow highlighter.

Give your brows some much needed shape by going thick with white eyeliner above and below each brow and smudging it out with a sponge brush. The added definition can even make your eyes appear higher, giving the illusion of a face lift.

Lip shaper.

If you want a fuller, 3D effect for lips that pop, try adding a little white eyeliner just above the cupid’s bow and below your lower lip. Blend the color with your fingers so there’s not an obvious line.

Start fresh.

Whenever you’re about to try a new makeup trick, remember that it will only look its best if you start with properly cared-for skin. Try a Gold or Diamond Face Mask treatment and see how much easier your makeup goes on afterward. By the way, we’ve also developed some other incredible skincare products we’ll be introducing soon!

What are your favorite white eyeliner looks? Post a picture on Instagram and tag @LorionBeauty so we can see your gorgeous styles!

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