Clown Contouring: Laughing or Crying?

Clown Contouring: Laughing or Crying?

Contouring has gone a long way since first popularized by the likes of Kim Kardashian. So far, in fact, that “clown contouring” is now a thing.

Don’t believe us? See for yourself. Look it up online or do a hashtag search on Instagram. You’ll likely come across a now viral image of beauty blogger @belladelune, who reportedly started the trend as a joke, fighting against those who compared her heavily made-up looks to clown paint.

Clowns are supposed to make you laugh, right? Well here’s the funny part: it actually works. If you keep the clown designs color-consistent with where you would normally use darker or lighter shading, you can get pretty creative with the shapes and doodles and still come out with the desired effect once you blend.

Pretty creative, indeed! A search for #ClownContouring doesn’t just bring up clowns. You’ll see everything from cats to sugar skulls—and even poop emojis!

Just like clowns range from those hired at a birthday party for children’s entertainment to the artistic creations in a production like Cirque du Solei, feelings about clown contouring and even just plain contouring are a mixed bag. Is contouring to be considered beauty, and an art form, or is it a drastic attempt to cover up what many may fail to see as the true, natural beauty underneath?

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