Back to School: College Hairstyles 101

Back to School: College Hairstyles 101

Whether you’re a freshman, senior, teacher, or long past your school years, back-to-school beauty can inspire anyone who’s ready for a new look this Fall. Back to school? More like back to cool! College styles are some of the most fun and modern, so let’s take a look at a few on this semester’s agenda.

The bob is back. One popular way to wear a bob this Fall is straight and sleek with help from your diamond-infused flat iron and Silk Drops hair serum. Or rock a Taylor Swift inspired bob with curled bangs as well as voluminous curls going toward your face on one side and away from it on the other.

High ponytails should be high on your list. And this year, go for a messy, unpolished look that’s as perfect for a sorority party as for sitting in class. Tease the top before you pull it up, and let some strands go a little wild. Interview or fancy date? Then the high pony can go sleek and smooth.

Side curls are the best of both worlds. For a look that’s glamorous yet edgy, create a side part, smooth your hair tight against your head on one side, bring all your hair in front of one shoulder on the other side, and create voluminous, rolling curls with your 1.25” clipless curling wand. Add extra spunk with a tight braid to hold your hair out of your face on the side without curls.

Braids have evolved. It’s time to learn how to French braid, waterfall braid, and braid in places you never thought of braiding, like the side of your head, the top of your head, around your face, and more. If your skills aren’t that advanced yet, a side braid is always simple yet elegant. If you can only do a regular braid, try braiding within braids or braiding a section of your hair before pulling it into a bun. Extra credit for creativity.

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